About Savera UK

Savera UK’s vision is to eliminate ‘honour-based abuse and harmful practices across the UK and beyond.  

Our mission is to tackle the causes and effects of ‘honour’-based abuse and harmful practices by providing one to one support for those affected and those at risk, delivering and providing consultancy and training, raising awareness, and contributing to research. 

Savera UK was established in 2010 as a charitable organisation and became a registered charity in 2012.  We are a leading charity tackling culturally-specific abuse in the UK.  

The meaning of Savera’ is  new beginning, which reflects the organisation values. 

We are here to help those affected by honour-based abuse, forced marriage, female genital mutilation and other harmful practices. We advocate for those that need a voice, and we challenge attitudes, prejudice and practices that are harmful and a violation against the individual’s human rights. 

We also reach over 2,000 people through training and education.  Our aim is to ensure that more people are aware of harmful practices – and how to prevent them.  

Savera UK helps survivors rebuild their lives after leaving an abusive environment, as well as supporting them to economic independence. We provide emotional support and finance support to equip them in their future and their new beginning.    

The issues that Savera UK works to overcome are not limited by gender – males are also vulnerable to honour-based abuse. The support we offer covers all genders and we offer the specific support and tools that each individual requires.  

We are a confidential, non-judgmental service. We understand, we listen, and we will help you.