Research allows us to gain vital knowledge and insight into the services available for survivors of ‘honour’-based abuse (HBA) and harmful practices and those who are still at risk. This research is only possible with the support of academic and professional partners.

Research into HBA and harmful practices is still limited, so – alongside our partners – Savera UK is working to change this, through research projects that provide us with a deeper understanding of the causes of HBA and harmful practices and how to help end them.

We have worked with range of partners on research programmes with our most recent being an ongoing project with the University of Liverpool, examining the characteristics associated with ‘honour’-based abuse and violence to create a thematic model of abuse characteristics.

This resulted in the publication of our first academic paper: ‘Honour’-based abuse: A descriptive study of survivor, perpetrator, and abuse characteristics

As well as ongoing research with the University of Liverpool, we are also currently working with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) examining education around forced marriage and collaborating, alongside Savera UK Youth, to create a comic to better communicate the issues to young people.

The knowledge and insights drawn from our collaborations allows us to ensure that vital information and our services reach those who need us, when and where they need us.

If you would like to partner with Savera UK on a research project, please get in touch here.