Our Strategy

We have developed our first ever formal strategy to enable us to grow the charity, its services and activities and its impact.

Launched in 2023, our three-year plan focuses on two key strategic objectives, each with a set of deliverables by 2026.

  1. We will improve the lives of people who have experienced/are experiencing ‘honour’-based abuse and harmful practices
  2. We will improve attitudes, behaviours and systemic responses around ‘honour’-based abuse and harmful practices

What We Will Achieve

By focusing on our two key objectives, by 2026, we will:

  • Improve interventions, information and response to survivors and those at risk or under threat of HBA and harmful practices
  • Improve recognition and understanding of the specific issues of HBA and harmful practices among professionals, affected communities, young people and the general public
  • Reduce isolation and improve confidence and resilience in survivors of HBA and harmful practices
  • Influence local, national and international policy and drive cultural change and provision for best response on HBA and harmful practices
  • Amplify the voices of survivors and empower them to share their stories to educate, inform and enact change
  • Increase the network of local, regional, national and international organisations that we work and collaborate with to extend the reach of our message
  • Gain national visibility for the work of our team
  • Increase the reach of our key messages, including what HBA and harmful practices are, how to signpost to help, advocacy and advice from Savera UK, and how a ‘new beginning’ is possible for survivors

If you are a funder or organisation that is interested in joining our mission and working with us to end HBA and harmful practices, and you would like more information, please contact us on [email protected]