About Savera UK

Savera UK is a leading charity working to end ‘honour’-based abuse (HBA) and other culturally specific abuse and harmful practices in the UK.

It campaigns to eliminate all such practices for good, while also providing life-saving direct intervention services to survivors and those at risk, regardless of age, culture, sexuality, gender or ethnicity.

New Beginnings

‘Savera’ means ‘new beginning’ in Hindi, a theme that is symbolic of what the charity provides to survivors and those who are at risk of harmful practices. Since launching its one-to-one direct intervention service in 2017, Savera UK has safeguarded and advocated on behalf of hundreds of clients, helping them out of abusive environments and into their ‘savera’.

Savera UK provides direct intervention services and ongoing emotional and practical assistance to help survivors of HBA and harmful practices gain economic independence and move forward into their future with confidence.

Savera UK’s Story So Far

Savera UK was established in 2010 and became a registered charity in 2012. The charity came into existence following the work by the Black and Racial Minorities (BRM) communities and domestic abuse group. This group was formed and led by our now-CEO and founder, Afrah Qassim, a Community Development Worker, then with Liverpool Primary Care Trust (PCT).

What became apparent though the research conducted by the group were the gaps in provision and the need for specialist services addressing the issues of domestic abuse and harmful practices within BME communities.

In 2016 Savera UK was awarded their first major funding grant from the Big Lottery (Violence Against Women and Girls Initiative). The charity then rebranded to focus exclusively on ‘honour’-based abuse and culturally specific or harmful practices.

Our Future

Today, Savera UK continues its mission to end HBA and harmful practices for good. The charity does this via its own 1-to-1 direct intervention service and though awareness-raising campaigns and events. It is recognised as a national organisation working to end HBA and all harmful practices for good and for providing a platform to younger generations to take the lead in campaigning and educating their peers, through Savera UK Youth.