Donate to Savera UK

‘Savera’ is the Hindi word for ‘new beginning’.

For as little as £5, you could help to provide a new beginning, free from the risk of ‘honour’-based abuse (HBA) and harmful practices, such as forced marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM), virginity testing, breast ironing or not being accepted by family/community due to not sharing the same beliefs.

You can donate monthly, make a one-off donation or even leave us a gift in your Will.

Will you help our clients find their ‘savera’?

How will my contribution help?


Reduces social isolation, by covering clients’ travel costs to our empowerment and wellbeing sessions


Provides a day trip for two families to improve their health and wellbeing, and reduce social isolation


Provides emergency food and clothing for one family that has fled HBA or harmful practices


Provides a course or activity designed to improve the confidence and wellbeing of survivors of HBA and harmful practices


Covers the cost of Savera UK intervention for one day, for a client at a vital court hearing


Provides one night in emergency accommodation for a person at risk or under threat of HBA or harmful practices


Funds a worker to go into schools to educate young people about HBA and harmful practices and how to get help


Trains a volunteer to assist with Savera UK’s direct and indirect intervention services and health, wellbeing and empowerment activities


Provides essential items for a family in their new home, after fleeing HBA, harmful practices or any culturally specific abuse


Choose the amount you would like to donate. All funds will be used to further our mission to end HBA and harmful practices for good

Before I met Savera, I was scared, shattered and nervous, but now I feel confident, I can talk to people. I am working on getting back my life and living
Savera UK Service User