Our Impact

Since our inception, we have supported many individuals who are at risk from, or survivors of, harmful practices including ‘honour’-based abuse (HBA), forced marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM). We have helped either directly or through providing cultural advice and support to professionals working in affected communities.

We helped 81 referrals to our service find their ‘Savera’ (new beginning). These referrals came from individuals and professional agencies including police, health and social services and educational establishments.

100% of attendees at our harmful practices training said they felt more empowered to be culturally sensitive and challenge concerns.

We engaged with more than 300 individuals via our community awareness sessions and events.

We reached more than 1,000 professionals via training courses, education and awareness sessions, events and conferences about HBA & harmful practices.

We reached nearly 3,000 young people with education sessions on harmful practices and how to prevent them.

10% of referrals had been subjected to or were at risk of FGM.

12% of referrals concerned forced marriage.

We saw a 44% increase in self-referrals to our helpline due to increased visibility online and on social media.

64% of referrals were at risk of ‘honour’-based abuse.

We have recorded the data outlined in this impact report since 2017, after receiving funding from the Women and Girls initiative of the National Big Lottery Fund, to scale and extend our services. Previous years’ data is available on request and this page will now be updated annually in January, once the previous year’s data is available.

In 2019, we worked with communities and community organisations, education services, businesses, health and social services and the police across the UK and this was our impact*.
*Figures for Dec 2018 – Nov 2019