Make a Referral

Savera UK deals with direct referrals from a range of agencies such as health services, local authorities, Police, voluntary agencies, the community and self-referrals.

Each referral goes through a process to determine the best course of action for the individual and ensure that their safety and well-being is paramount. This includes determining if they are at high risk and implementing a safety plan.

You can refer into our service using the online forms at the bottom of this page (click the relevant box).

Before referring into our service, please familiarise yourself with what our 1-1 Direct Intervention Service does and download and read our service summary PDF.

Below are links to PDFs explaining our referral process:

Download our Referral Pathway for individuals – Referral_Pathways_Individual

Download our Referral Pathway for professionals – Referral_Pathways_Professional

Click the relevant box below to make a referral into our service.