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Savera UK Clients Dance Across the Globe with Movema

Savera UK clients have been dancing their way across the globe in sessions with Movema, a vibrant community organisation which brings people together.  Movema uses high quality world dance and arts to help people learn different dance styles and use them as a tool to promote understanding and share stories.

The workshops, tailored specifically for Savera UK clients, encompassed the four corners of the world with participants enjoying music and movements from around the globe –  from Carnival time in the Caribbean through to relaxing Yoga in India. The workshop celebrated people, culture and diversity, promoting understanding and value of other people and places.

About the sessions, one client said: “I enjoyed it very much as I got to dance and had a bit of fun without caring who is looking, and I was surprised my shy daughter joined in too.”

When asked what they learnt they said: “I learnt a few dance steps, most of all I enjoyed it even thought I was not in sync with all the steps.”

Another client said they had learnt how to improve their self-esteem and self-confidence, adding it had made a “positive impact on my life”.

One client said: “I enjoyed it because it was filled with fun and very much engaging physically and mentally.”

Emma, dance instructor at Movema, said:  “It was amazing to see the connection and communication between the participants when they were creating and performing. Some words used by the participants to describe it were ‘team work’, ‘togetherness’, ‘connection’ and ‘fun’.”

Emma also noted a marked difference in each Savera UK client between the first and final session. She said: “I have seen all of them improve in confidence, even when it comes to encouraging others and creating connection. I think this comes from allowing participants to express themselves individually through movement and words. I feel as though together we have created a safe space for everyone involved.”

Bea, Senior HBA Support Worker at Savera UK, said: “During the sessions the clients came alive – it was like seeing a different side to them. Wherever we’re from dance is always such a big part of our culture and our clients embraced it and showed us things about their personality which we wouldn’t have seen if it wasn’t for the opportunity to show it through dance.

“The clients loved it. They even asked us when we were going to have more sessions as they are so keen to continue.”

Bea added while looking at a specific dance style called ‘Azonto’ one client’s talent created a special and memorable moment. Bea said: “Our Movema instructor highlighted how good she was and gave her the stage to show us. The client was so shocked that she was thought to be so good to demonstrate to the class. She was made up! I love that we can create moments where individuals are empowered to share their talents and gifts.”

These dance classes were made possible by funding from Merseyside Sport.

Teri Wainwright, Workforce Support Officer at Merseyside Sport, said: “We funded Savera UK through the Sport England Tackling Inequality Fund and recognised the amazing impact that the project could have on the women’s lives.

“It’s great to see how the funding has had a positive impact on the women, building their confidence and self-esteem, opening up opportunities to support each other and build friendships through the power of physical activity. We hope to work with Savera UK again in the future.”