Setting the Story Straight: Challenging and informing media representation of HBA and harmful practices

On Thursday 9th June (4pm – 6pm) Savera UK will host a free webinar examining how ‘honour’-based abuse (HBA) and harmful culturally-specific practices are represented in the media. 

The event will see Savera UK share the results of a survey of professionals and survivors on the representation of practices including HBA, female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced marriage. 

We will also hear from survivors and professionals working in the field about the impact these representations can have, and discuss the challenges and issues on reporting on harmful practices and best practices for journalists when raising awareness and sharing the stories of survivors.

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Ngunan Adamu, Presenter/Producer 

Ngunan is a BBC Radio Merseyside presenter/producer for the Upfront Show. She is the founder and CEO of iWoman, a programme which helps unemployed women in the region develop the skills and confidence to get into media, and has also been involved in training other journalists for the BBC World Service and worked on the BBC Young Reporter programme.


Maya Oppenheim, Journalist

Maya is women’s correspondent at The Independent – the only women’s correspondent at a UK news outlet. She writes news, social policy and global stories from a women’s angle, focusing on human rights, sexual violence, domestic abuse, abortion, prisons, health, poverty and more.


Afrah Qassim, CEO & Founder, Savera UK

Afrah is the founder and CEO of Savera UK, a leading national organisation tackling the causes and effects of harmful practices including ‘honour’-based abuse, female genital mutilation and forced/child marriage. Afrah is also the Chair of Liverpool Arab Arts Festival (LAAF).


Khatra Paterson, Savera UK Survivor Ambassador

Khatra is the director and owner of KP Aesthetics, a wife, mother of two and survivor of FGM. She says: “Past experiences of abuse do not have to define you as a person. Growing up in a fearful household due to persistent domestic abuse and being the subject to Female Genital Mutilation is abhorrent but I’ve used my past to help other survivors. I’m a strong believer that through education you can change cultural beliefs that have a negative impact on women and children. As an Ambassador for Savera U.K. I will be using my experience of being a survivor to educate, support and make change.”


Zuleika Sassa, Survivor

Zuleika is the founder of Sassafit and is a personal trainer, nutritionist and wellbeing adviser. She is a survivor of forced marriage and supports Savera UK to share a message of hope that it is possible to get out of abusive situations, that there is another life out there and it is possible to find a ‘new beginning’.


Saliha Rashid, Survivor & Campaigner

Saliha Rashid is a long-time campaigner, working to bring vital change for disabled survivors. After growing up feeling trapped and isolated within a community which operated an ‘honour’ system based on protecting the family’s reputation, Saliha has now built herself a successful and independent life free from abuse. Saliha says she shares her experience to make sure that the voices of disabled survivors are heard, and wants to increase awareness of how domestic abuse and honour-based violence affects disabled women as well as the additional barriers they face when escaping the abuse. 


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This event is kindly funded by Lloyds Bank Foundation

Savera UK aims to make events as accessible as possible. If you require reasonable adjustments to access this online event, then please contact us one week before the event so that actions can be taken to support you.