Savera UK Clients Enjoy Festive Celebrations

Earlier this month we hosted our annual festive celebration, which brought 30 of our amazing clients together with the Savera UK team, to celebrate the season and most importantly have fun. 

The event gave our clients, who have all overcome so much, the chance to get dressed up, socialise and celebrate in a safe, warm and inclusive place. The organisation of the event was led by Direct Intervention Team member Eve, supported by other members of the wider team. 

Held at a safe place, Eve created a special celebration, which for many of our clients was the first time they attended this annual event and learned about the meaning of Christmas and how it is celebrated. 

Clients enjoyed falafel burgers, butternut squash tagine and an all-you-can-eat buffet, accompanied by an assortment of delicious desserts, as well as being presented with fantastic self-care gifts, which included items generously donated by individuals and Lush Liverpool. 

The party also created a space for clients to celebrate their independence and freedom, as well as to share their own experience and culture through clothing, music and traditional dance.

One client said they appreciated “being able to escape” from their stresses at home and “have a dance”.

Eve, who organised the night said: “The Christmas party was a huge success. It was so lovely to see all our clients celebrate together and enjoy themselves, and also see a new side to many of the clients who were getting up and having a dance! The clients can’t wait for the next party, and seeing their happiness on the day has made us very excited to plan the next one.” 

Merfat, the Direct Intervention Team Coordinator added: “The general feedback was that despite the traumatic events they’ve experienced, this annual festive affair is the one day a year they come together as their own Savera UK family. It doesn’t matter if they have been lucky enough to move on in an improved life, they will still come together.”

The Savera UK team is very grateful for the generosity of Lush and also the kindness of those individuals who donated a wide range of gifts for our clients to enjoy. We would also like to thank our funders and fundraisers, without whom we would not be able to make this event happen. Finally, a special thanks to Eve, who organised the day and to everyone who contributed to this very special celebration!

 Wishing you – and all of our clients – a great Christmas season!