New Research Project and Partnership with Edge Hill University

Savera UK has joined a new mental health research project, ‘Arts4Us’: Working together to scale up place-based arts initiatives that support the mental health of children and young people’ led by Professor Vicky Karkou from Edge Hill University.

This three-year project explores the benefits of arts activities in supporting the mental health of young people aged 9-13 years old. It will see the development of a digital platform, bringing together a variety of art activities and local organisations, making it easier for children and their families to access art therapies. 

Savera UK will bring its specialism to the project, offering insight into ‘honour’-based abuse and harmful practices and its impact across different cultures and backgrounds. We will also provide relevant information and guidance on engaging with diverse communities. Savera UK is committed to ending ‘honour’-based abuse (HBA) and harmful practices nationally and internationally through our awareness raising campaigns, and through our Direct Intervention Team, who work with those at risk, and survivors of HBA and harmful practices.

Afrah Qassim, Savera UK CEO and Founder, said: “We’re delighted and very excited to be one of the 50 partners involved in this innovative and new project focusing on the mental health of children aged 9-13. We’re excited to develop new and creative ways to engage with children and young people, and look forward to working with Prof. Vicky Karkou, the research team, and with the CYP Creative Health Associates.

‘Arts4Us’ will give us the opportunity to potentially scale up our own arts initiatives at a local, national and international level so we can find new ways to improve the mental health of children and young people. We value the prospect to engage in discussions around the future of commissioning and policy development, while strengthening existing links and creating new connections with researchers based in the North-West and beyond.”

This collaborative project secured £2.5 million in funding, the largest research grant of its kind ever awarded nationally in arts and arts therapies, and will see partners from NHS trusts, schools, community organisations and others in the North West and beyond, working together to give children and young people the crucial support they need in tackling mental health issues. 

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