Eid Party: Celebrating Culture and Diversity


Earlier this month we hosted an Eid party, bringing more than 20 of our clients and their families together for a lively and welcoming celebration to mark Eid al-Fitr, a religious holiday that commemorates the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting for Muslims.

The party included traditional foods such as Jollof rice, turkey stew and a range of delicious curries, which were prepared and brought by our clients, using money provided by Savera UK. This encouraged them to get involved in creating the celebration, to build their confidence and independence, and also allow them to share their cultural food with others.

There were lots of activities for the children to enjoy, including a t-shirt design station and arts and craft table and our clients were also able to relax with hand massages and nail painting provided by the Savera UK team and supporters.

Separating Culture from Abuse

Eid is one of many holidays celebrated by Savera UK and its clients, and an important part of the charity’s work to separate the beauty of our clients’ diverse cultures and faiths from the abuse that they have been subjected to.

As survivors of ‘honour’-based abuse (HBA) and harmful practices, our clients’ faith and culture have often been used to excuse or justify their abuse and holidays like Eid can be a difficult time for many.

This was highlighted by Savera UK Survivor Ambassador, Payzee Mahmod, when she posted on X recently. She said: “Eid can be so triggering. It’s a time meant for celebration and togetherness, but for those of us who aren’t part of our families and communities, it amplifies feelings of loneliness, grief, and isolation. It’s a reminder of what’s been lost, regardless of what you have found.”

At Savera UK we work to reduce those feelings of isolation and grief and break the connection between culture and abuse, highlighting that HBA and harmful practices are not part of any culture or religion, but a violation of human rights.

Reconnecting with Culture

By celebrating the diverse religious and cultural holidays of our clients, we provide a safe space for them to celebrate and reconnect with the beauty of their culture, share it with one another and come together as part of the Savera UK family, combatting isolation and loneliness.

Speaking of the Eid party, Reihana, Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator at Savera UK, said: “It was really great to be able to provide such a wonderful event for our clients and their children, and to see everyone get together. It is so important to create a safe space that is inclusive to all that helps reduce their isolation.”

A massive thank you to Reihana and the whole Savera UK team for organising such an amazing event. We look forward to more celebrations throughout the year.

Eid Mubarak to all from the Savera UK team, board and clients!