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What I learned: Emily, Student Social Worker

As a student social worker with the Savera UK team I faced challenges in communicating harmful practices, safeguarding concerns and safety planning strategies to other organisations and professionals. 

As I have an understanding of the social work perspective on law, social sciences, research and subsequent statutory guidance, I believe that I – at times – have been able to understand from a social worker’s perspective why certain actions have or have not been practiced, for example not putting a Forced Marriage Protection Order in place due to concerns of oppressive and discriminatory practices pertaining to culture. 

During my time on placement with Savera UK, I have developed a deeper understanding of orders such as Forced Marriage Protection Orders and have grasped that they should not be seen in a negative light with regards to oppressive practices. Rather, protection orders can be seen as a safeguarding and safety plan measure, which individuals who are not planning on practicing harmful practices such as Forced Marriage should have no issue with..  

For me as a student, such professional practice and organisational conflicts surrounding concerns such as oppressive and discriminatory practices have highlighted the significance of integrating statutory guidance such as Working Together (2018) into practice, to work in partnership to support service users. Savera UK offers specialist knowledge in dealing with harmful practices and ‘honour’-based abuse, which I believe can improve the outcomes and safeguarding of service users when utilised, through partnership working with statutory services such as social services and the police. 

Emily, Student Social Worker