Photograph by Peter Powell. 07 February 2019. This is Khatra Paterson runs a Aesthetics in clinic in Hale.

Savera UK Welcomes New Survivor Ambassador Khatra Paterson

Savera UK is delighted to welcome Khatra Paterson to join Kiara Mohamed and Babs Ceesay as Survivor Ambassadors. Khatra is the Director and owner of KP Aesthetics, wife, mother of two and a survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM).

Khatra’s career has been built around caring for others, from her time spent as a registered nurse and becoming a health visitor, to, now having her own aesthetics company.

Aged just 10 years old, Khatra was flown to Somalia for what she thought was to be a family holiday. While there, she was subjected to the brutality of FGM. Khatra found herself in a position to speak publicly for the first time about her ordeal just 18 months ago. Since then, Khatra has campaigned to raise awareness and to help others. By speaking out, Khatra aims to educate and empower women and girls across the world.

On her appointment as Savera UK Survivor Ambassador, Khatra said: “Past experiences of abuse do not have to define you as a person. Growing up in a fearful household due to persistent domestic abuse and being the subject to female genital mutilation is abhorrent but I’ve used my past to help other survivors.

“I’m a strong believer that through education you can change cultural beliefs that have a negative impact on women and children. As an ambassador for Savera UK, I will be using my experience of being a survivor to educate, support and make change.”

Khatra recently shared her story with Nicky Clifford on ‘Inside Stories’, where she had a very open and honest discussion about FGM. She was joined by singer, Beverley Knight MBE who highlighted the importance of speaking out.

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Written by Shauna Lacy, Savera UK Campaign & Youth Engagement Officer