Savera UK Partners with Love Your Neighbour

Savera UK is partnering with Love Your Neighbour to support its clients through the provision of meals and groceries.

Love Your Neighbour is an alliance of multi-denominational churches across the UK that united as a response to the first COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020. Since then it has delivered more than 5 million meals nationally to those who need it most, while also offering support to people facing debt, unemployment and homelessness as a result of the pandemic.

The partnership will see the organisation providing regular food hampers to Savera UK clients, using a number of ways to deliver the hampers including home delivery or making appropriate collection arrangements. This is a vital service from some of our clients who do not live near to food banks in the region.

Love Your Neighbour’s service also differs from regular food banks, as there is no set criteria and no need to prove eligibility. The flexibility also extends to the type of food and produce that can be provided. Rather than relying on food donations that are then distributed, Love Your Neighbour has a monthly budget which they use to purchase food and essentials, and reasonable requests can be made for its beneficiaries.

Savera UK Support Team member, Nefeli, said: “While food banks are an absolutely vital support tool, our partnership with Love Your Neighbour will allow greater flexibility for our clients. This includes the ability to request ingredients for dishes traditional to their culture they may prefer to cook, which might not ordinarily be donated to food banks, and the opportunity to change what is needed each week. It also allows consistency, like ensuring mothers have the same brand of baby formula in each hamper. Our clients are already enjoying the fantastic service that Love Your Neighbour provides and we are really grateful to be working with such a fantastic initiative.”

Since the partnership started in June 2021, Love Your Neighbour has provided Savera UK clients with hampers supporting 18 households and a total of 42 adults and children.

Ms McGlynn, from Love Your Neighbour, said: “We at Love Your Neighbour have loved getting to know the need in the area and partnering with charities and organisations like Savera UK who have ongoing relationships with the individuals and families in need.

“As an initiative we are pleased to stand in the gap for those you need additional support are happy to support anyone who requires a hamper at any time. There is no need to big or small, we are here to help.”


If you would like to partner with Savera UK and support the service contact us here.


Written by Nikki Gi