I Work With Someone I Want To Refer

Are you a health or social service professional, police officer, work in the education sector or are a another professional working within communities affected by ‘honour’-based abuse, harmful practices such as forced marriage or female genital mutilation, or any other harmful cultural/traditional beliefs? 

Are you a concerned community member? 

If you are aware of or working with an individual or individuals that you believe may be at risk, please get in touch. We will work with you to undertake a risk assessment and agree on an appropriate safety plan.

You can contact us on our helpline 0800 107 0726 (9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday)

Or, to refer to us, you can download the following referral forms. Once completed please send the form to Savera UK’s secure email address [email protected]. If you are unable to use this email, sign up for a free EGRESS account and use it to send this form to [email protected]. Please download the child form if the individual is under 16: 

Savera UK 16+ Referral Form 

Under 16 Savera UK Referral Form

If you believe they are at immediate risk please ring 999

If you need more information you can find our fact sheets are linked below.