Afrah Qassim founder of Savera UK
Afrah Qassim, CEO of Savera UK, talks about the importance of collaboration in our Autumn newsletter

Campaigning for Change

Welcome to the summer 2019 edition of our newsletter. It has been a busy, but exciting few months and we are thrilled to inform you that Savera UK is finally registered as a Trade Mark and thanks to Abel and Imray who made it possible.

The highlight of this quarter is the work achieved by our young people and clients working together to create our new campaign #imspeakingout, working alongside Nonconform designer Charlie Weatherstone who was able to guide and support them with their ideas. The aim of the campaign is to empower those who are at risk of ‘honour’-based abuse (HBA), as well as those concerned that someone is under threat of the practices to report instances. The young people and clients wanted to create a ‘Break the Silence’ performance that was launched as part of the campaign but more importantly as part of our annual National Memorial Day event. We were lucky to have Joanne Tremarco who worked with them to create a powerful performance piece titled ‘Break the Silence’.

Savera UK’s values are leadership, empowerment, listening and encouragement which is clearly shown as our clients and youth are at the centre of what we do. Their ideas, opinions and involvement means that we are able to make meaningful changes towards ending harmful practices.

It really has been a busy and challenging few months, but seeing what we have achieved and overcome in just a few months has been worth it.  This wouldn’t have been complete without our partners, supports, funders, colleagues across all services, the community, volunteers and most importantly, our clients, young people. As well as the Savera Team and Board who work so hard to ensure we achieve what we set to do, I am very proud and thankful to you all. Enjoy the rest of the newsletter.