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Kiara Mohamed

“My work as an artist focuses on the underrepresentation and marginalisation of minority groups, which is why I am so passionate about Savera UK’s mission to create awareness and help those who are vulnerable and have nowhere else to turn to. Though my work and my ambassador role with Savera UK, I want to shine a light on the impact that forced marriage, FGM and ‘honour’-based abuse has on survivors’ mental health.”

Babs Ceesay

“I use my own experiences as a survivor to tackle FGM and other other harmful and traditional practices. I have teamed up with Savera UK to engage professionals and communities, raise awareness and inform them of the impact these issues can have. My aim is to encourage them to use this knowledge and understanding to make a difference and end to FGM and other harmful practices within communities.”

Sunetra Saker

“We can make a difference when we unite our voices and bring subjects like those tackled by Savera UK to the forefront. If we don’t speak out on behalf of those that have suffered and are suffering, then we cannot expect change and this is ultimately what is required. Through my role as Savera UK ambassador I hope that I can raise awareness and help survivors and those at risk to feel more connected, relevant and empowered to speak out.”

Maya Jama

“Working with Savera UK presents an opportunity to raise awareness within young women who might not understand that there is always another way. I am very passionate to use my voice to get the message out there and thrilled that I am able to become an ambassador for such a fantastic charity doing amazing work.”

Nazir Afzal OBE

“Savera means new beginnings and the people Savera helps know exactly what that means. They are rescued from hopeless and desperate abusive relationships, or from families who are determined to harm them through forced marriage or FGM, and given hope, help and a home. These victims and survivors are the least likely in the UK to seek help because of issues such as honour and culture…It is my privilege to be Savera’s Patron, I can think of no better way of showing my admiration for the work they do and the lives they save.”

Savera UK at BBC Radio Merseyside on Ngunan Adamu's show

Savera UK raise awareness on local radio stations

Savera UK founder, Afrah Qassim, toured radio stations across Merseyside to raise awareness about the National Day of Memory which remembers those lost in name of so called ‘honour’. Afrah discusses the importance of this awareness day and how Savera UK can support those at risk of ‘honour’-based abuse and harmful practices.


Listen (Liverpool Live):