Dr LEVY Switzerland Supports Savera UK with festive campaign

Dr Levy Switzerland
Dr. LEVY Switzerland

Award-winning beauty brand, Dr. LEVY Switzerland®, is supporting Savera UK this Christmas with its festive campaign ‘Self Worth, a Gift worth Giving’.

For every exclusive Christmas Gift Set purchased in the UK, Dr. LEVY Switzerland® will donate a special  ‘A New Beginning’ Skin Set –  comprising different travel size treatments from the range worth £80 – to Savera UK’s remarkable women survivors, giving them a chance to explore what self-love means to them. 

The team behind the brand explained how it witnessed the power of self-care that was unleashed during lockdown and became a part of our daily ritual to hold onto who we were before the COVID-19 pandemic began. The campaign was inspired by the understanding that this was a luxury not everyone had access to. While ‘staying home and staying safe’ was a positive for many, for others — such as the people that Savera UK supports – staying home may not have been the safest place to be. 

Through its gesture of kindness, Dr. LEVY Switzerland® hopes to encourage survivors to take the first steps toward rebuilding their lives while also encouraging fans of the brand to support Savera UK on their website and social media platforms. 

Speaking about the partnership, the Dr. LEVY Switzerland® team said: “For many of us, 2020 has been a difficult year. It has raised awareness of how we are linked to one another and how our actions matter. The international COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the crucial importance of taking time for ourselves and how by taking care of ourselves, we can take better care of others too. It is only when we pay attention to our own wellbeing and when we act with self-appreciation that we can listen, support and care for others.

“The crisis has also brought to the surface the vast inequalities faced by many that can lead to untold, and too often, silent suffering. Women particularly tend to suffer most in these times, as demonstrated by the shocking increase in domestic/’honour’-based abuse in the past months. Often, this abuse, whether it is psychological, financial, or physical can destroy one’s self Image, self-confidence and self- worth. It takes an incredible amount of courage to escape an abusive environment which requires outstanding strength to rebuild one’s self love and appreciation.”

Savera UK CEO and Founder, Afrah Qassim, added: “Ten years ago, we set up Savera UK to help people affected by harmful practices to find their ‘Savera’, which means ‘new beginning’ In Hindi. We partnered with Dr. LEVY because we have a shared belief that we are all connected and that taking care of ourselves and taking better care of those around us is so important, especially as we face this pandemic.

“Discovering self-care and self-worth Is a vital step for all our courageous survivors, so — like Dr. LEVY — we know how Important It Is to promote that and we are grateful for their support through this festive campaign.’

You can find out all about the campaign here: https://www.drlevyswitzerland.shop/action-de-noel