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Savera Youth


Who we are

Savera UK Youth are group of young people aged 11 – 21 who are passionate about raising awareness amongst their peers about harmful practices.

During the 2017 UK Parliament Week, Savera UK held a Question Time Event that was developed with a group of young people at Calderstones School. Savera UK educated a group of Sixth Formers about harmful practices and then taught them to facilitate a session with younger students. The result of this was to produce questions to ask at the first Savera UK youth event. The event was a success, with panel guests including the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy and the Savera UK Patron Nazir Afzal. It was clear from the event that there was a need to work more with young people as education is the key to preventing these horrific incidents. It is for this reason that Savera UK Youth was established. If we can work with the younger generation to enlighten them about hidden practices within BME communities, then we are one step closer to tackling and eradicating the tradition.

What we do

Savera UK will address the gap in knowledge amongst young people about harmful practices within BME communities, cultural diversity and the rights of a child. This is not something that is on UK school curriculums so it is vital to educate future generations about harmful practices in order to prevent them, as well as making them aware of these issues amongst their peer groups.

The Savera UK Youth projects will empower young people and inspire them to lead and advocate for the work that Savera UK does allowing them to develop and gain skills.

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