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The Women for Peace Conference

By Shauna from Savera UK

The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation invited us to be one of their guest speaker panel as part of their International Women’s Day event (Women for Peace). As well as Savera UK founder, Afrah Qassim, the panel included:

Ana Victoria Bastidas: part of "the truth, memory and reconciliation commission of Colombian women in the diaspora."

Margaret Bateson: Chief Executive of the Victims and Survivors Service (VSS) an organisation providing assistance and support to those who have been affected by Northern Irish conflict.

Kelly Simcock (Chair): Director of Programmes, Peace Foundation.

Kellie Turtle: Women’s Sector Lobbyist, Women’s Resource & Development Agency, an organisation supporting women’s groups and networks across Northern Ireland.

The panel told inspirational stories both personal to themselves and their organisations to express the work that they are doing in order to support and empower the women they work with.

Important questions were raised from the audience to the panel including how organisations should work to provide a legacy of knowledge on the issues that they face. Afrah answered by saying how important it is to Savera UK to connect with schools, as education is the key to helping to help diminish harmful practices. Working within schools helps to raise awareness with young people allowing them to challenge these issues amongst their peer group. Savera UK has already worked with young people on their Schools Project as well as during UK Parliament Week.

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