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Get involved: What is the Savera UK Youth Conference?

By Shauna from Savera UK

Savera UK is looking to hold a Liverpool regional youth conference and would like to work with young people to help lead the development and delivery of the conference together with the Savera UK team. As part of our school project for 2018, Savera UK would like to work with students with the aim of producing a hard-hitting and powerful short-film to be entered into a series of national and regional youth film festivals and competitions. The film will be premiered at the Savera UK Youth Led Conference.


  • To raise awareness and educate about harmful practices with young people and other abuse and issues affecting young people.
  • To give the opportunity for young people to raise their concerns and issues to the community and professionals.
  • To empower young people to champion other young people about issues concerning them.
  • Raise awareness of supporting services for young people including Savera UK.

What will be included at the conference?

  • Discussion¬†around harmful practices and other youth matters.
  • Premiering the film and a behind the scenes film at the Youth Led Conference.
  • Sessions with guest speakers about the issues related to the young people including the issues tackled by Savera UK.
  • Presentations of work.
  • Certificate presentation for students who participated in the planning and delivery of the conference.

What will you get out of the conference?

  • An understanding of the issues that Savera UK support with.
  • If you are part of the Youth Led Group you will learn a variety of skills including, how to facilitate groups of other young people, organising of the conference, leading on issues concerning young people etc.
  • Being part of the film will allow you to learn skills about scriptwriting and storyboarding, production planning, working with cameras, editing and post production.

If you know of any young people that would like to get involved in the Youth Conference steering group or if you are a school who would like to attend the conference, then please contact Shauna on shaunal@saverauk.co.uk



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