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Visit from EV4GH

Savera UK were honoured to receive a visit from the Emerging Voices for Global Health (EV4GH) on 3rd October. EVA4GH is a thematic working group linked to health systems global. EV4GH is an innovative multi-partner blended training programme for young, promising and emerging health policy & systems researchers, decision makers and other health systems professionals with an interest in becoming influential global health voices/or local change makers. EV4GH prioritises participation from individuals living and working within the global south with the aim of strengthening the capacity of these individuals to enhance their contribution to the development of health systems and health systems research in their home settings. It is anticipated that there will be around 40-45 participants in this years’ EV4GH programme.

Health systems global is an organisation aimed at globally connecting health systems research and policy communities to contribute to the attainment of better health equity and well-being. Every two years, health systems global host a symposium in which health systems researchers, actors, activists and policy makers from all over the globe come together under the specific conference theme to explore current issues related to health systems strengthening and building the field of health systems research.

This year the global symposium is being hosted in Liverpool by a consortium led by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. The theme of the conference is ‘Advancing Health Systems for All in the SDG era’ and will take place between 8-12 October 2018. More information can be found here: http://healthsystemsresearch.org/hsr2018/.

During the week prior to the health systems global symposium in Liverpool, participants are invited to take part in a face to face training programme. The face to face programme aims to maximise participants exposure to health issues and the health system in the host setting through a ‘health systems day’, as well as providing technical development around current global health ‘hot’ topics linked to the health systems global symposium theme. This year the face to face programme will be hosted in Liverpool by Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. More information on the emerging voices programme can be found here: http://www.ev4gh.net/

Savera UK spoke with the group about the work that we do and had some great feedback: “an incredibly insightful start to our first EV4GH site visits learning about Savera UK’s work in communities to challenge attitudes towards domestic abuse & harmful practices such as forced marriage, 'honour' based abuse & female genital mutilation.”

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