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By Shauna from Savera UK

Savera UK are so happy with the support that we receive. In the past, we've had local businesses donate money for every coffee they've sold, had Baltic Clay raise money from selling scouse in beautiful handmade ceramic bowls as well as auctioning ceramics in a live auction house. Companies have done bake sales, schools have fund-raised at parties and we've been lucky to have people run for us, with Patricia O'Dwyer raising over £2,000 by running the London Marathon earlier this year.

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I chose to run for Savera UK as I think it is important that more of us realise these issues aren't just happening in a faraway land but instead could be our neighbours and friends and we are so fortunate to have the incredible work of Savera to help these individuals/families and I want to be part of this.

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We are so lucky to have two fantastic people fundraising for us and they could use your support. Please find read on to find out more and how you can help.

Anaja is running 5k for Savera UK

10 year old Anaja said to her mummy that she wanted to, "give something back, make a difference and help those who need help". So, Anaja decided to run 5k for Savera UK. It is vital that young people understand what we do and what harmful practices are as they are the next generation that can create change. Savera UK works with young people in order to educate them about harmful practices. We are so proud of Anaja and her dedication to raising money for Savera UK but also raising awareness on this issue.

If you would like to sponsor Anaja, then please email info@saverauk.co.uk for details.

Waleke is running the Wirral Half Marathon for Savera UK

Waleke acknowledged that Savera UK works hard with limited resources to support some of the most vulnerable individuals in our communities. Therefore, Waleke is running in order to raise awareness about Savera UK and raise money to support the cause.

If you would like to sponsor Waleke, then please click here.

All money from ticket sales will go to Savera UK in helping to alleviate social isolation for clients and supporting the service. We hold regular coffee mornings for our clients and in the past we have taken our clients to the beach and to Gulliver's World with their children and a day like this can take our clients away from their situation from just one day and give them experiences that they never may have had. 

Photo credit: Andrew Tanglao, Unsplash

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