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Educating about Harmful Practices

By Shauna from Savera UK

Savera UK strongly believe that in order to start eradicating harmful practices throughout BME communities, we need to educate the younger generations. Not only educating the young people about what harmful practices are but making them realise that no religion condones these practices and that as a young person, they have a right to stand up for what is wrong and illegal.

Savera UK have developed a Youth Project that will begin sessions at the end of the month. This will culminate in a Youth Led Conference during UK Parliament Week in November. The conference will allow young people to lead on issues around honour based abuse, forced marriage and FGM as well as other issues concerning young people. With Savera UK’s guidance, the young people will lead the conference to their peers, highlighting these harmful practices, therefore creating an understanding.

Last year, Savera UK completed a schools project across Merseyside and Cheshire and also took part in UK Parliament Week. As a reward to the Sixth Formers who were involved in UK Parliament Week, Savera UK and Calderstones School went for a trip to Parliament, taking part in their Peoples Parliament workshop. This workshop focused on the importance of political movements pushed through by the momentum of the people. This allowed our young people to think further about harmful practices within a political context.

We received amazing feedback from the project:


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“I took part in Savera’s course regarding harmful practices this year, and I must say it’s an experience to be remembered; beginning with a two hour session in which a collection of year 12 and year 13 students (including myself) to introduce us to the dangers that can be faced with regards to harmful practices such as female genital mutilation and forced marriages, as well as the likes of honour killings, which I myself had never heard of, felt like a beneficial insight into the world that Savera addresses, as a world that is unfortunately functioning within societies across the world. “

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Savera UK will continue to educate young people about these practices as education is key to prevention. We must teach the young that it’s okay to stand up for what is right and to not suffer in silence.


If you would like Savera UK to come and speak in your school, then please email info@saverauk.co.uk.


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