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Could you sponsor our Memorial Day Conference?

By Shauna from Savera UK

Savera UK is a registered charity dedicated to tackling domestic abuse and harmful practices (Forced Marriage, Honour Based Abuse and Female Genital Mutilation) within black and minority ethnic communities. In order to raise awareness about harmful practices and the effect it has on those who are victims or under threat, Savera UK is holding our annual conference for National Memorial Day which this year will take place on Friday 13th July at The Conference Centre at LACE.

The National Memorial Day pays tribute to the legacy of Shafilea Ahmed who was murdered by her parents as well as other women, girls and men who have fallen victim to honour based abuse. Our theme this year is ‘My Story’ with survivors sharing their experiences through dialogue and performance.

We are looking for sponsors that would consider making a donation to help sponsor our event. By giving to Savera UK’s National Memorial Day Conference, you will be able to help us to raise awareness, alleviate social isolation for our clients and as support our vital service.

During the lead up to the event and on 13th July, we will promote your involvement with the cause through social media, our website and newsletter. Your logo will also be included on any materials used on the day. It would be a great way of promoting you as well as being involved in an organisation that is committed to supporting victims and those at risk of such harmful practices.

If you would like to know more about the event and our organisation, please email info@saverauk.co.uk or call 0151 709 6588.

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