Simona Abdallah - My Story

From the age of 14, my biggest goal in life has always been to become a free and independent woman. But that was never encouraged and was told, I would always have to do what I was told. Social control was everywhere – particularly when it came to girls – and as I got older, my parents began to constrict my life more and more. I couldn’t leave the house without being interrogated about where I was going, which girlfriend I was going to visit, whether or not this friend had brothers, or if there would be any men present. They were petrified that the family would get a bad reputation.

It was here that I thought that if I had to be controlled all my life then I would rather be controlled by one man than an entire family. For many years, my life alternated around long, formalized engagements and weddings with masses of guests, artificial flowers and tacky gifts. In total, I went through four engagements and two marriages before escaping for freedom and reaching my dream goal, which none of my family accepted or wanted me to do. All they wanted was for me to be is a good Arab housewife.

Savera UK is tackling the issues that I went through growing up and feel it is very important to be part of their conference to speak out and I hope that my story can encourage other individuals, who may be now going through what I went through. I want to let them know to reach for your dream and never give it up for anyone.

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