Savera UK Volunteer & Client - My Story

Over the past few months I’ve come to realise that one of my favourite things to do in my free time is to volunteer. As a volunteer, you don't get paid for donating your time. However, there are benefits in it for you and me when we're unselfish in giving our time to benefit others.

For me personally, anytime I’m going through a particularly difficult moment in my life volunteering helps tremendously, it’s an outlet. The most amazing kind, I think.

Not only does it stop me from dwelling on things beyond my control but it helps shift my focus onto others.

I’ve met amazing, wonderful people in the short time I’ve known Savera. The staff themselves are the most caring, giving, loving people I have ever come across. (I might be a tad biased) I shudder to think what my life could have been... without them I’d be lost, but they took time out of their day to help me and I'm forever grateful.

That's why I want to volunteer for Savera, I want to give back. Hopefully, you might want to do the same, you never know, your single act of kindness could change lives in more ways that you could possible fathom.

Photo credit: Catherine McMahon, Unsplash