Savera UK - Our Story

Savera UK was established to support those at risk of domestic abuse and harmful practices within BME communities. We work with some of the most vulnerable people in our society and it can be such a difficult and frightening journey for them, whatever their circumstance. Savera UK are with their clients every step of the way and are so happy when we receive great feedback from our clients. What our clients don’t realise how they inspire us every day whether that be when they get a new job, or move into their first house, are in the right place to volunteer for us or even travelling on a long journey alone and finally able to empower themselves to move forward. We were so proud when one of our clients got a first-class honours degree, we were so delighted for her and proud of how far she had come. She told us:

“...I want to thank you, Savera became my family, I have been guided and you've been there with me in my dark and sunshine moments"

Savera UK support clients wherever possible and always believe in them, but the hard work is done by them, and their determination and belief in themselves is amazing, with that they can do anything and be the person they want to be.

With our conference being ‘My Story’, it’s so important to hear success stories like the above because the alternative would be so devastating. The clients we support often have no other option and Savera UK can help them on their journey to their new beginning. We’re so proud of the progress all of our clients are making, whatever stage of their journey that they are at. We want them to know and others out there suffering or at risk from these horrific incidents that they are not alone.