Joanne Tremarco on #BalanceforBetter

When I look at the world and how out of balance our relationship with it has begun to be, I see parallels between how cruelly we often treat our own bodies and minds with the way we have become accustomed to manipulate natural resources of the world.

We subjugate ourselves to schedule keeping, keeping up appearances, making cash, making up for lost time. Making, making, doing, changing, fixing, sorting... We make ourselves jump through hoops taking our natural selves and hammering it into a certain appearance or a certain way of operating. Similarly we take resources from the natural world and we make it into stuff - stuff that can never be as beautiful or as resonant as its original form.

Yet, somehow we need to feel that we have made a difference, made something of ourselves, left our mark. It is the way we feel alive and valued in this world. So how can we create in balance with the world? How can we call back equality with in our selves and within our communities?

I recently took a 4 months research trip around India. At the beginning of the trip, my intention was to explore how to balance the divine feminine and the divine masculine with in myself. I didn't really know what that meant but it felt like the right intention.

I have, during my 20 years of being a practising artist, done some basic research into ways of observing and achieving balance in the way I create. In order to keep myself sane and able to relate to the world, I looked to psychological, spiritual and physical disciplines to get some perspective on the creative process.

The act of creation most common to the human experience is the creation of a child, which apparently comes to fruition 350,000 times a day world wide. Just as the creation of a child requires a balance of male and female genetic material to be contributed and connected, so does the creation of anything require a balance between masculine and feminine attributes. So what are they? Well as the semen is the active force- semen it is out going, determined, adventurous and penetrating so we will describe the quality of 'activation' at play in all of creativity as masculine. For an egg to be fertilised successfully it has to receive (rather than reject the sperm) the mothers body has to then create the circumstance in which to nurture that which has been sparked. And so from this we will draw the conclusion that the feminine aspect is the quality of receptivity. That said receptivity is not motionless and passive it is an internally contained activity, full of choice.

I am not saying that men are active and women receptive – far from it. I am simply using our understanding of the biological process of creating a child as a way of looking at how we as artists, as people create. It is helpful to see that just as each individual human form is made up of a balance between male and female genetic information and substance, so does each individual contain a balance or in balance of Masculine (activation) and feminine (receptive) qualities. And we draw on these qualities in our lives to both create (a beautiful meal, a song, a poem, an embroidery, to tell a story to a friend, a painting, a garden) and to destroy (burn a cake, fight, create or buy into a negative story about ourselves or other people, hurt ourselves or each other), depending on how balanced their relationship is within us.

In Hindu imagery the achievement of this balance is seen as the sacred union within of the god principles of Siva and Shakti. Ghandi said "be the change you want to see." Not make the change you want to see - but be it. Call it in to being through our being. Through our being enough. The desire to create something that exists outside of our selves is completely natural part of being human. As is the desire to destroy, to start again. The old adage everything in moderation comes to mind again as does, you can't have too much of a good thing. The very act of creation is / has to be tempered into balance by its counterpart: destruction.

In Hinduism we see Kali the creator/destroyer. She is powerful and fierce, she has the power to give and take life - all of which she does with out placing a value on one being better than the other- it is all part of the balance of life.

On a personal and global level it feels that it is time to destroy the habits and trappings of the old paradigm of patriarchy in order to allow the creation of something new to come forth- something new in which the world and us who live in it can breath and be and grow.

I hope you enjoy stepping into and being in your full potential. To create the life that is your birth rite and to clear the way for a flourishing future we have to destroy the attitudes that we have internalised that hold us back.