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About Us


The renaming of ‘Savera Liverpool’ to ‘Savera UK’ represents a number of changes that have taken place at the charity since its inception in 2010. When Savera Liverpool was first created, it was intended to address a specific problem in the Liverpool area. ‘Savera’ meaning ‘new beginning’ in Hindi, was symbolic of the support the charity would provide to those women who are at risk of domestic abuse and harmful practices such as honour-based violence (HBV), female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced marriage. The charity sought to raise awareness of these issues. It became apparent that the role of the charity had to be broadened to a wider geographic area and that the issues were not limited by gender. Males are also vulnerable to HBV and require specific support and tools to address the challenges they face. It was decided that Savera’s scope must then be expanded.

Savera UK aims to address, challenge and provide the tools to tackle this cultural taboo. Time and again the charity has found that the communities within which this violence takes place are not fully equipped to confront the issue. This extends to the professionals who are tasked with being the first line of response. The work that Savera UK undertakes will provide a multi-agency approach to ensure that no vulnerable individuals will be left unaided and can rely on the institutions that are there to protect.

Savera UK’s Aim:
Savera UK operates across the United Kingdom to provide services to individuals from Black Minority Ethnic communities who are at risk of domestic abuse.

The scope of Savera UK’s services may vary from area to area, dependent on the funding available within the specific region.

Service provision by Savera UK:

  • To promote and carry out research
  • To provide advice and one to one support for vulnerable individuals
  • To cooperate with other charities, statutory authorities and agencies to exchange information and advice encouraging best practices and therefore improve service provision
  • To develop and deliver training, conferences and events that raise awareness aimed at tackling domestic abuse and harmful practices within BME communities  
  • To support professionals working with survivors of domestic abuse and harmful practices within BME communities

The Meaning of 'Savera’:
Savera means ‘new beginning or change’ in Hindi, which is how the charity views itself: operating within the BME community by helping and supporting people build a new life after they leave their abusive home or family. The charity is intent upon supporting individuals to stabilise themselves once they have left their abusive environment.

The Team

  • Full-time Service Development Manager
  • Full-time Administrator
  • Two part-time Support Workers

At present we have 8 Board Members, they come from a range of background and have a range of experience:

• Afrah
• Aislinn
• Marie
• Keri
• Mary
• Ngunan
• Rachael
• Reihana

Advisory Group:
Savera work with complex cases/issues and this can require specialist advice and support from a range of areas. We have set up an advisory group for those who may be interested in being part of the group, which Savera can call on as and when required. The group will generate ideas and feedback for the development of service and it is anticipated that they meet a few times a year for organisational updates and the opportunity to contribute further. Areas we would expect the advisory group to focus on include:

• Immigration and family law
• Fundraising
• Financial
• Marketing
• Others

Savera Patron: Nazir Afzil (OBE)
“Savera means new beginnings and the people Savera helps know exactly what that means. They are rescued from hopeless and desperate abusive relationships or from families who are determined to harm them through forced marriage or FGM. They are given hope, help and a home.

These victims and survivors are the least likely in the UK to seek help because of issues such as honour and culture. However, they know that as Savera goes national, more of them will be saved from lives of despair. It is my privilege to be Savera’s patron, I can think of no better way of showing my admiration for the work they do and the lives they save” – By Nazir Afzal (OBE).

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